Introducing Project: Angry Mother Earth

Yep, she’s angry at you for messing up her curvy body. Now, do something useful: help her get rid of humanity. In “Angry Mother Earth,” step into Mother Earth’s shoes and devise various strategies to eradicate humanity. A game experience like no other!

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master! You use abilities like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more to eliminate humanity before they end you with pollution. However, mastering the game is an entirely different challenge! While you might unleash a tornado to destroy industrial districts that damages you and affects your health bar, you must proceed with caution. The tornado could destroy trees in its path, which mitigate the damage you sustain over time.

In “Angry Mother Earth,” you face the agony of choice on how to destroy humanity. Here are just a few scenarios to consider: What if you targeted only the farms, cutting off the food supply? Or disrupted the power grid? Could such actions bring a nation to its knees? However, if annihilation isn’t to your taste, why not opt for a peaceful approach? Persuade humanity to come to the green side.

Dynamic Events, (almost) Endless Possibilities! With over 300 events, every game is a new challenge. When humans threaten the Amazon, will you redirect resources to protect it, or let them fell the trees? Beware, trees curb pollution, and letting them disappear might hasten your defeat.

Challenge Yourself! Pick from a range of difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. And a secret level? Here’s a hint: don’t get on Santa’s naughty list.

Humanity’s Response? Don’t underestimate them. Seriously, don’t! They’ll respond to every move you make, doing what humans do best: adapt and destroy!

Dive into a dynamically simulated world that evolves with every passing moment. As the wheels of change turn, they are driven by technological progress, global events, fluctuating national policies, and most importantly, your decisions. This complex simulation seamlessly interlinks the threads of food, power, services, and essential goods supply chains. A disruption in one can cascade through an entire nation which you can use to your advantage.

Explore Diverse Maps! Dive into strategic gameplay across two distinct maps: a spherical layout and a flat terrain. Each terrain presents its own set of challenges to conquer. Even the enemies vary between maps, challenging you in unique ways. Adaptability is key!

Play as Mother Earth, Father Earth, Gaia, or Midgard — each character has their own unique abilities and playstyles! While Mother Earth aims to win the game through peaceful means, Father Earth prefers to obliterate everything in his path. Gaia is centered around ending humanity with diseases, viruses, and
plagues, whereas Midgard is inclined to thrust humanity into the next ice age.

Abilities combination: Suppose you wish to unleash the fury of a thunderstorm upon a city. To do so, you’d need to merge two base abilities: a Warm Front and a Cold Wave. Together, they culminate in a thunderstorm. However, if you aim to escalate this thunderstorm into a hurricane, introducing a supercell is necessary. For a more strategic approach to gameplay, consider this: combine two abilities to induce heavy rain. Every time you cast heavy rain over an area, it applies the “wet” debuff. Subsequently, invoking an earthquake on this saturated area will result in landslides. The game offers countless other combinations to discover and experiment with.

Expansive Skill Trees!

Each character in the game offers a dynamic range of abilities through their three distinct talent trees. Within each of these trees, you’ll find 13 unique skills, carefully crafted to provide both depth and variety. The abundance of skills not only ensures a rich strategic experience but also promises diverse gameplay possibilities, challenging players to continuously adapt and evolve their strategies. This intricate system is designed to captivate and engage players at every turn.

Ice Age Functionality:

“While players cannot directly initiate an Ice Age with the snap of their fingers, the game provides avenues through which one can be set in motion. One notable example is volcanic eruptions. When a volcano erupts, it releases vast amounts of ash into the atmosphere. This ash can block sunlight, potentially paving the way for the onset of an ice age. The resulting climatic shift can have severe consequences in the game’s environment, leading to substantial reductions in production rates. Additionally, countries will grapple with continuous damage due to these freezing conditions, challenging players to adapt and strategize accordingly.”

Sea Level Rise Functionality:

“In contrast to the chilling effects of an ice age, players also have the option to tip the scales in the other direction, towards a warmer planet. By initiating actions that contribute to global warming, the polar ice caps can melt, leading to a rise in sea levels. This can submerge coastal areas, disrupt ecosystems, and significantly alter the world map. Cities might become submerged, and previously accessible areas could be lost to the encroaching waters. Players must consider the long-term implications and strategic elements of such a drastic change, ensuring an added layer of depth and intrigue to gameplay.”

The Trailer - Angry Mother Earth

Got a taste of the gameplay? Before diving into our comprehesive section on mechanics, don`t miss our EPIC trailer for Angry Mother Earth. We re confident you`ll love it

Detailed Game Functions - Pre Alpha

In this section, we will delve deeper into the game’s functionality, exploring its intricate features and mechanics. As the game evolves and new aspects are introduced, we will continuously update and expand upon this content to ensure you have the most comprehensive understanding possible.

Nations – Pre Alpha

Each nation, large or small, is involved in the production of essential resources including food, services, power, and goods. These resources are critical for the smooth functioning of a nation, ensuring its health and sustainability. A shortfall in any of these resources may expose the nation to vulnerabilities. For example, if a nation’s food supply is cut off, the population may face starvation. A shortage in services could leave the population susceptible to natural calamities, affecting not only the populace but also the structural integrity of their buildings. Furthermore, a deficit in trade goods could result in neglect of building repairs, leaving structures weakened and prone to damages such as earthquakes.

Landmarks: Every nation in the game features a unique structure, a symbol of its endurance and vitality. The moment a civilization collapses, this symbolic building transforms into a more devastated form, indicating the nation’s fall. From this point forward, reconstruction becomes impossible for that nation.

Harbor: Every nation possesses crucial trading points, either in the form of a harbor or an airport. For instance, if a nation’s food supplies are depleted due to farm destruction, they can request assistance from another country. This aid is usually transported via ship from the aiding nation to the one in need. However, as a player, you can either observe this supportive interaction or, perhaps, a storm might unexpectedly strike the rescue ship.


Power Plants: Evey Nation has power plants otherwise a modern civilization would cramble very quickly. In the left pictures you see a Windpark and Solarpark which are causing no emission and do not damage the player however at the beginning of the game all Nations still run on Fossile plants which the player will need to handle.

Farms: The significance of farms in the game cannot be overstated. They are the breadbaskets of each nation, essential for producing food and supporting population growth. Without these critical food sources, a nation would quickly fall into turmoil and eventual collapse.


Agenda – Pre Alpha

Each nation operates under a unique AGENDA, encompassing four critical areas: Environment, Economy, Education, and Healthcare. Your gameplay style will dictate the focus of the nation’s agenda. For instance, if you adopt an aggressive style, primarily targeting buildings, nations will likely prioritize their economic agenda. This approach accelerates the rebuilding of structures and strengthens their resistance, although it may inadvertently escalate pollution due to the increased reconstruction activity.


In contrast, a more peaceful approach, guiding humanity to invest in environmental strategies, can significantly reduce pollution. However, don’t be misled – both aggressive and peaceful paths can yield strategic advantages when navigated wisely.

 Research Tree – Pre Alpha

An integral part of the game mechanics is the research tree, a reflection of humanity’s technological progression. This progression occurs automatically, with research labs contributing to the speed of advancement. Players can intervene by aiding or damaging research labs to influence the pace of research. This interaction offers another layer of strategy as various points in the tech tree yield powerful effects that can either work in your favor or pose potential disadvantages. Though your influence on the direction of research is limited, it can still sway the balance of the game, further underscoring the multifaceted and interactive nature of our AI Nations concept.

Mother Earth

As the game’s most balanced character, Mother Earth, offers versatile abilities. Though not specializing in any specific domain, her skills shouldn’t be underestimated. She thrives in a peaceful playstyle, with a unique proficiency in regeneration.


She also possesses a powerful command over earthquakes. Combined with her other talents, this seismic control can wreak havoc on humanity. As Mother Earth, you can both heal and unleash nature’s fury, offering a dynamic, adaptable gameplay experience. Whether you guide humans to sustainability or rain down natural disasters, Mother Earth equips you with balanced, strategic options.


Father Earth

Embodying the raw, fiery essence of wrath and aggression, Father Earth is a formidable force in the game. His presence ignites an aura of tumultuous energy, promising a storm of destruction. This character brings a tempest of change, ensuring no stone remains undisturbed in his wake.

Among his arsenal of destructive capabilities, one ability stands paramount – the power to trigger volcanic eruptions. This ability isn’t just about destroying structures; it’s about instilling fear, setting the world on fire, and creating an environment of chaos. Playing as Father Earth offers an intense, power-driven gameplay experience that will appeal to those who relish the thrill of wielding raw, unbridled elemental force. With him, players can embrace their darker side, revelling in chaos and disruption as they reshape the world in a storm of fire and fury. 


Rather than resorting to brute force, Gaia represents a subtler, more insidious aspect of nature. Though she has reached her breaking point, her chosen weapon isn’t an explosion of fury but rather the slow, relentless advance of natural afflictions. Plagues, viruses, and poison are her arsenal, slowly eroding the human population with devastating efficiency.

Among her potent abilities, the most fearsome is the release of viruses. Capable of spreading these across the globe, Gaia provides a gameplay experience that is as deadly as it is quiet, as impactful as it is subtle. Playing as Gaia is a lesson in the art of patience and strategy, allowing players to witness the slow but certain demise of humanity under nature’s microscopic, yet relentless, onslaught.


A symphony of thunder and storm, that’s Midgard for you. This character doesn’t do things by halves; when he sets his sights on a target, he takes it down with lethal precision. Single-targeting buildings with the intensity of a thunderstorm, Midgard is renowned for his precision in neutralizing key structures.

Beyond his destructive abilities, Midgard excels in the art of regeneration, particularly of Wind Energy. This unique skill allows him to frequently cast powerful spells, making him a formidable force on the playing field. If you’re looking for a character who can strike with precision and maintain a consistent offensive, all while harnessing the raw power of the elements, Midgard is an excellent choice.


Skill tree – Pre Alpha

Let’s delve into the concept of the Skill Tree, also referred to as Talent Trees. Each of our characters comes equipped with three distinct skills, each with its own specialized focus. As you progress in the game, you earn talent points, which you can use to unlock new abilities or enhance existing ones.

However, bear in mind that the game imposes a cap on the total number of talent points you can accrue for balance purposes. Therefore, strategic allocation of these points is crucial. You must carefully consider where to spend your points to ensure they align with your chosen strategy. Failing to do so could steer your game towards a challenging, potentially unachievable, victory.


Different MAPs – Pre Alpha 

Explore Diverse Maps! Dive into strategic gameplay across two distinct maps: a spherical layout and a flat terrain. Each terrain presents its own set of challenges to conquer. Even the enemies vary between maps, challenging you in unique ways. Adaptability is key

In Angry Mother Earth, your arsenal primarily consists of abilities deeply connected to nature’s forces. These abilities allow you to wield control over earthquakes, storms, typhoons, blizzards, heatwaves, firestorms, tornadoes, and much more. Let’s consider an example: If you’ve destroyed a country’s power plants, causing widespread blackouts, your blizzard ability could inflict thrice as much damage since the absence of heating makes people more susceptible to the cold. There are numerous abilities and combinations to explore, each contributing to the strategic depth of the game.


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