Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ice Quake’s Upcoming Projects Redefined

Ice Quake, a game development firm that has garnered a lot of attention, has been toiling away nonstop to produce compelling and ground-breaking works that are certain to captivate players of a wide variety of game types. They have an outstanding reputation in the gaming business, and as a result, they are constantly breaking boundaries and setting new standards for engaging gameplay experiences.

In this unique sneak look, we introduce two of their most highly anticipated endeavours: “Angry Mother Earth” and “The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart.” As we dive into the concept art, offer clues about gaming mechanics, and demonstrate new features in these forthcoming games, you should get yourself ready for an exciting journey into a world packed with adrenaline challenges, strategic expertise, and intellectually intriguing narratives.

Angry Mother Earth (PC & Mobile)

Concept Art: The magnificent images in the concept art for “Angry Mother Earth” reveal a planet on the verge of destruction. The sceneries are colourful and varied, from verdant woods and tranquil lakes to vast cities and dry deserts. The main character’s potent elemental skills are exquisitely shown, highlighting the sheer power at the player’s disposal. Through dynamic visuals that depict the opposing pathways of destruction and enlightenment, the game’s moral decisions and outcomes are communicated.

Gameplay Hints: Each elemental ability that players may use will have a different impact on both the world and people. Interactive devastation is made possible by physics-based dynamics, with destructive tornadoes ripping through buildings, buildings being destroyed by earthquakes, and coasts being engulfed by tsunamis. Players may use elemental energies as an agent of enlightenment to restore ecosystems, repair damaged land, and promote development. It will be essential to engage with NPCs, and the decisions made in these encounters will have an impact on the world and its residents.

New Features: “Angry Mother Earth” adds a dynamic weather system that influences gameplay in real-time to enhance the gaming experience. Natural catastrophes force players to change their game plans, highlighting the interaction between the protagonist’s choices and how the environment reacts. A reputation system has also been included, wherein the player character’s standing among mankind changes in response to their actions. NPCs will keep track of your behaviour and react appropriately, resulting in a dynamic environment that responds to your decisions.

Premium Edition Extras

Early Access: A week before its official release, “Angry Mother Earth” is available to devoted fans of the Premium Edition. Players may get right into the action with this unique chance, giving them a head start on discovering the game’s universe and mechanics.

Free DLC: All downloadable content introduced to the game in the future will be free for users of the Premium Edition to use. Players may immerse themselves in the updates and maintain interest in the developing story as the game develops and grows with new material.

Merchandise Items: Choose one of the unique retail items as a thank-you gift from Ice Quake. These products allow fans to display their admiration for the game and the company that created it, whether it’s via a limited-edition art print, a collectible figure, or a chic T-shirt.

Personal Thanks: In order to build a feeling of connection and gratitude, Premium Edition owners will either get a sincere thank-you note from the development team or have their names added to the Ice Quake website’s Hall of Fame.

The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart (Board Game)

Concept Art: “The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart” concept art reveals a visually attractive and meticulously constructed game board. The game’s protagonists, each of whom has unique skills, engage in tactical combat on an ancient battlefield. The intricately designed game’s components, such as the character figurines and dice, raise the board’s visual appeal and level of immersion.

Gameplay Hints: The key to winning in “The Order” is learning strategic plays and foreseeing your opponents’ moves. It is not your usual board game. The game tests players’ ability to outsmart their opponents and take control of key goals by fusing aspects of resource management, area control, and bluffing. For control of the battlefield, tactical placement and strategic decision-making are crucial.

New Features: The dynamic event system in “The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart” adds unforeseen factors to every game to improve gameplay. These occurrences have the potential to drastically change the course of the game, requiring players to quickly adjust their plans. The game also includes special character-specific powers that deepen the tactical component and provide a dynamic battlefield setting.

Standard Edition Includes

Box and Board: Durability and improved aesthetics are both ensured by using a board and box of a high grade, which also helps to set the scene for spectacular conflicts.

Dice Set: Each round has a degree of surprise because to the inclusion of eight high-quality dice that make the game’s mechanics run smoothly.

Instructions: A comprehensive rulebook designed to be accessible for newcomers while providing the depth and complexity that seasoned gamers crave.

Character Figures: Six intricately designed 3D-printed character figures represent the game’s diverse characters, each with unique abilities and traits, adding depth to the gameplay.

Card Deck: A detailed rulebook that is written in a way that makes it easy for newbies to understand while also delivering the level of depth and complexity that experienced players seek.

Premium Edition Extras

Exclusive Prequel Book: Premium Edition gives access to a prequel book titled “Secrets of the Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart,” which delves into the narrative and background of the game. This captivating book not only deepens one’s understanding of the universe of “The Order,” but also improves the quality of the gaming experience as a whole.

Early Game Access: Those who purchase the Premium Edition get the game one week before its official release. This gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with the game’s gameplay and techniques, giving them an advantage over other players.

Extra Character Figures: The incorporation of two additional character figures that have been manufactured using 3D printing technology into the collection paves the way for novel gaming strategies. It guarantees that each and every run through the game is invigoratingly different from the last.

Special Card Deck: A one-of-a-kind deck of playing cards with the purpose of offering new ways to play the game as well as strategic benefits and motivating players to make active choices.

Personal Thanks: If a player purchases the Premium Edition, they will be recognized by the development team and inducted into the Hall of Fame on the official Ice Quake website. This will provide the player with a more incredible feeling of pride and success.

Exclusive Fan Premium Edition

Early Book Access: You will get the prequel book “Secrets of The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart” one week before it is made available to the general public. This book will reveal secrets and mysteries that will set the stage for the epic conflicts that are to come.

Main Character Figure: Be the proud owner of a 3D-printed figurine of the game’s main character, a genuine collector’s item that demonstrates a dedication to the game and brings gamers closer to the world they like.

Personal Thanks: Reinforce the unique connection that exists between the development team and the most loyal players of Ice Quake by bestowing upon them the thanks of the whole Ice Quake staff and a spot in the website’s Hall of Fame.


In conclusion, Ice Quake’s upcoming projects, “Angry Mother Earth” and “The Order of Sword, Shield, and Heart,” promise to deliver exceptional gaming experiences that redefine the gaming landscape. From exploring the consequences of human actions to engaging in a psychological battle of wits, these games offer immersive gameplay, thought-provoking narratives, and a host of exclusive benefits. The concept art, gameplay hints, and new features elevate the excitement and anticipation for these groundbreaking projects.


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